“We believe that people are capable of extraordinary things—that everyone has a gift, and with the right mindset and support, everyone can contribute to the betterment of themselves and others.”

– Charles Koch, founder of Stand Together
Go deeper on why the Stand Together community was founded in this FAQ with Charles Koch and our CEO Brian Hooks

Our Vision

(and approach to society’s biggest challenges)

We believe that all people are capable of extraordinary things, but that today there are many barriers and injustices holding people back. And so, we stand together with people across the country to break barriers and move our society toward one where everyone can realize their unique potential and contribute to the lives of others. It’s a big goal that guides everything we do. And we know we can’t achieve it on our own.

We partner with people breaking barriers in education, business, communities, and government. These are the institutions that can make or break a person's ability to succeed. Together, we work to ensure these institutions help empower all people to realize their potential.

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An Empowering Culture

Our management philosophy seeks to empower employees to think and act like entrepreneurs working together toward a shared vision.

Market-Based Management® (MBM®) is the management philosophy and framework our philanthropic community and all employees apply to succeed by helping others improve their lives. It is the approach we use to innovate, improve, and transform ourselves and our work so we realize our potential as employees and help achieve a society in which all people can realize their unique potential. Core to this management philosophy is our MBM Framework and Guiding Principles, which articulate who we are as an organization and guide everything we do.

If you’re someone who embraces and drives change, if you seek knowledge from any and all sources to help you learn and improve your thinking, if you enjoy collaborating with people of diverse perspectives, if you’re excited to take initiative and solve problems, and if you’re committed to the approach of doing well by doing good, then you can thrive in the MBM culture here at Stand Together.

We Celebrate Diversity

There are no ordinary people. Every person has something unique to offer the world.

We believe every person is capable of extraordinary things. The Stand Together community values the unique skills and attributes of each employee because we recognize that real progress only comes with humility and an openness to new ideas. History shows that progress in society rarely springs from a single mind alone. Instead, progress is best achieved when individuals with diverse perspectives stand together to work toward a common purpose.

That’s why in our work, we intentionally bring unique perspectives together around a shared vision of helping every person rise.

We recognize that personal experience informs our perspective and, ultimately, our point of view. Those experiences are influenced by our color, race, religion, religious creed, sex, gender or gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, national origin, citizenship, ethnicity, ancestry, age, physical disability, mental disability, medical condition, pregnancy (including medical needs which may arise from pregnancy, childbirth, or related medical conditions), military and veteran status, genetic information, marital or familial status, political affiliation, and so much more. Our community provides both the room to be yourself and the support to grow and make a positive difference with your career. This approach offers our team a fulfilling workplace and a diverse professional peer group dedicated to making our country a better place.

We don’t go through the motions of inclusion. We live it, every day. Each employee is accountable for embodying and fostering the values of inclusion, dignity, respect, and humility. At Stand Together everyone is a diversity officer. We are committed to listening and learning how to ensure our workplace and communities are places for open and respectful discussions that can advance meaningful change. Our values are not just words on paper, they are what we live by and hold each other accountable to, every day.

Because every individual has extraordinary gifts, we believe that together we can transform how we tackle our nation’s greatest challenges to help every person rise.